Heated Vibration Knee Massager, Heated Knee Brace Wrap with Massage, Rechargeable Electric Heating Pad Knee Warmer, Knee…

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Relax Knee & Leg: Our heated vibration knee massager is designed for everyone especially aged people and those with knee problems. It combines heat and soothing vibration massage to help relax the knee & leg after a long time work. ▶▶Note: After receiving the product, please fully charge it before use. The heating and massage effect will be better with sufficient power.
Heating & Massaging Simultaneously: This cordless electric heating pads can offer you heating and vibration massage at the same time. It heats up fast and provides gentle warmth for your knee. And vibration will offer gentle massage on your knee. Wonderful knee joint support pads. The heating pad for knee with thermal protection module ensure safe use. Once it is overheat, the knee heating pad stops until the device returns to normal operating temperature.
Easy to Operation: With 3 modes, the knee wrap’ s temperature can be adjusted from 45℃/113℉ to 60℃/140℉, you can adjust the heat level to accommodate your comfort level. Red light is high-frequency vibration ( 131-140℉), blue light is constant vibration (122-131℉) and green light is low-frequency vibration ( 113-122℉). Simply long-press the button is ON/OFF, short press is changing mode. (Note: temp and vibration is changing together)

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